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isYoung brand has been energetic and inspring all the way for over 5 years. We provides highly safe, hygienic pet goods, such as pet water fountain, automatic pet feeder,cat scratcher and other pet supplies.

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Cat Water Fountain

All 304 Stainless Stainless Cat Dog Bowls

1.5 W Upgraded Pump,
Ultra-quiet and Easy to Clean

Automatic Cat Feeder

6L Healthy Automatic Pet Feeder

Support 10 seconds recording,
Feeding Program and Dual Power Supply

Cat Scratcher

isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge

Prevents Cats from Damaging Furniture

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Pet Automatic Water Dispenser

For Dogs and Cats, Healthy and Hygienic Dog Fountain Corner Fountain

Robot Cat Feeder

Smart Food Dispenser for Cats and Dogs, with Portion Control, Voice Recorder, Programmable Timer

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