4 Well-invested and Necessary Exercise and Interactive Toys for Cats

Currently most of cats are domesticated, while cats are playful in nature and like to be accompanied by their owners, most of time we are busy with work without paying more attention to them, a good toy not only helps cats to bring the day away but also provides them opportunities for exercise, some toys even make your baby cat developed intellectually. Beginner must be confused about how to choose cat toys faced with so many categories in the market, there are several basic cat toys are well reviewed at Amazon and i want you know their functions, benefits and how it works before you buy them.

1. isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge, Corrugated Cat Scratcher Cardboard Protector for Furniture Couch Floor Eco-friendly Pet Toy with Built-in Catnip

It’s a born ability for cat to scratch or dig at something with claws, which is a necessity for their physiological regulation, isYoung cat scratcher is made of recycled cardboard, a generous scratching surface is able to hold large-breed cat or multiple cats on it, it’s built-in catnip aims to attract your cat for daily scratching, which prevents  your soft fabric-made furniture from damage, it is also a pretty a pet toy and cool place for your cat to play and take a good rest.

2.  isYoung 3 in Electric Rotatable Cat Interactive Tease Toy with Balls

Cat is also a natural hunter and make more attachment to teasing toy, isYoung Electric Tease Toy has three functions which includes ball chasing, interactive teasing and automatic rotation for teasing, It takes little space in your room and easy to get handle of it for pets and owner, manual operation is advised for cat beginners, which makes them more confident of successful catching. The feature motion is erratic in both clockwise and anti-clockwise, Stimulate the natural hunting instincts of the cat.

3.  isYoung Collapsible 3-Way Cat Tunnel with PeekHole and 3 Pompon Balls for Kitten, Rabbits and Puppies

Made from tear-resistant polyester wraps around sprung steel, isYoung cat-tunnel is easy lightweight and collapsible for easy movement and storage, Y-shape design consists of three tunnels of which three pompons are hung at the entrance, designed for attracting your kittens, an ideal toy for small and medium-sized cats, they can play hide and out with companions, race through the tunnel and create their favorite crinkling sound, even taking a nap inside after wearout. In addition, an hole in the center will be convenient for ventilation and peek through.

4. Petstages® Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Ball chaser is also a attraction for feline friends, Petstages creates a tower of tracks which consists of 3 tracks on which a ball is put, balls spin and toll on the track will encourage cat to play, if you owns more than one cat, then it is a perfect item for your cats. Besides, this is a great way for owner and cat to bond with each other if owner is engaged in these play activities. Featured with no-skidding pas on the bottom, it is able to stand vigorously movement, don’t worry about your cat friends will knock it over.

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