4 Top and Well-reviewed Automatic Feeder Review both for Dogs and Cats

Most of us have one of two friends who have pets by their side and regard them as baby kids, always remember to feed pets before themselves, while we are occupied in the day and can’t get home on time at night, there is no regular eating for ourselves not to mention about our pets. In addition, it pains so much and feel guilty for owners when pets can’t get feeded and yell sadly at home because of them. An automatic feeder will fix these problems for you featured with timer, portion control and voice recording for remind and other functions. You can go out for a short-term trip with worry free, no need to pay someone in pet shop or ask your friend to take care of your pets. Following are 4 top and well-reviewed automatic feeder review both for dogs and cats, there are some important facts to keep in mind before your purchase.

1. PetSafe Digital 2-Meal Feeder for Dog

As it name suggests, PetSafe feeder is specially made for dogs, it is the most compact and lightweight among 5 items because of no food storage, Designed with press-to-open compartments and removable trays, which prevents dogs from stealing and allows for easy cleaning to keep food clean from other dirties. Each compartment holds 1.5 cups of dry pet food and help your dog to establish healthy eating routines, it is able to program two meals up to four days in advance with two trays once lids are closed, which is a good choice for person who has sufficient time and wants an economical one.

2.  Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Food Dispenser

This automatic feeder is powered by three ‘D’ cell alkaline batteries, it allows for automatic refills with a 18-cup capacity, releasing scheduled portions of pet food, which is an ideal item for busy owners. Food is stored through a Twist-lock lid for keeping inside food crunchy and tasteful in the automatic feeder and is easy to remove for convenient refilling. A large LCD screen on the side will provide a intuitive and easy-to-understand meals schedule and portion sizes setting at different times of a day. For convenient hand washing, the bowl base is easy to detach from the food storage hopper.

3.  isYoung 5.5 L Automatic Pet Feeder Electronic Control Feeder with Big LCD Screen and Voice Record for Cats and Dogs 

isYoung pet feeder is strongly built with environmentally-friendly material. It has great resistance to impact and heat, don’t worry about your pets knocking it over for food. 5.5 L large-capacity food storage allows for 2-3 day automatic feeding with 3 selected times per day, it is advised for dry food storage only, The LCD display lets you to observe your pet’s diet status easily. You can read the current time, meals programmed, meal size conveniently. Voice recording function is achieved with a built-in microphone, just record your voice like”time to eat” and machine will automatically play when it is feeding time, enticing your pet to eat on time. It also has a removable food tray for easy maintenance.

4. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder

The feeder is made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. Some parts of the feeder are dishwasher safe. It might be a little expensive than other products, while suitable for medium and large-sized cats or dogs, it holds up to 24 cups of dry dog or cat food and can be programmed to provide 12 meals to feed on your pet’s schedule. The big selling features are three feed modes: immediate feed mode means feeding your dog outside normal feeding times, pause feed moe temporarily stops feeding without losing programmed fees schedule and slow feed mode allows the food to disperse slowly over a 15 minute period to help prevent bloating and vomiting. Unique conveyor design dispenses most shapes and sizes of dry and semi-moist food and helps prevent jams.

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